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Jaylee Shippers

Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Jayne/Kaylee Shippers
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This is a community for fans of the pairing of Jayne Cobb and Kaylee Frye, from the TV show Firefly and the spinoff film Serenity.

Fiction, art, discussions, whatever; if it's about the pairing, bring it here.

Guidelines for posting:
* Please put fic under an LJ-cut
* Put the title of the story (if a stand-alone) or the title of the series in the subject line if posting fic.
* Above the cut, please include a warning for any content that would earn a "viewer discretion advised" warning on a TV show.
* Beta-readers are your friends; a list of community members willing to help can be found here. At the very least, spellcheck is your friend.
* It goes without saying, but play nice! More Kaylee-like behavior than Jayne-like, dong ma? :)

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The show may be dead, but the fandom can go on forever. Have fun!

Community header by crystalkirk.